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Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning

Toxic Mold-Pro recommends Annual Air Duct Inspections. Without proper cleaning, an air conveyance system runs slower, is harder to maintain, and has a shorter lifespan.

Dirty air duct systems often contain:

  • Dirt, dust and dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Mold, mildew other fungi
  • Carpet fibers
  • Drywall dust and particles
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Insect remains

These contaminants can seriously affect your health if it’s in your air ducts – it’s in your lungs!

The best way to eliminate that health risk is by inspecting and cleaning ducts annually or as needed.

Toxic Mold-Pro offers air duct cleaning and air duct purification services for homes and businesses.

Air duct purification will :

  • Significantly improve your indoor air quality
  • Remove allergens and bacteria
  • Ensure lower maintenance costs
  • Ensure a longer lifespan

Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to professionally inspect, diagnose & clean the air ducts at your property.

HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

HVAC System Maintenance such as professional Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitation, is considered a very effective indoor air pollution control method when performed as needed. We are trained and certified to operate Professional HVAC Cleaning Equipment.

Our HVAC Cleaning technicians are fully equipped with the latest air decontamination systems and numerous professional air duct agitators. Let us clean your air and leave your home or business with the best air possible !

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